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About Miranda Driessen

In her childhood Miranda Driessen dreamed of becoming an explorer until one day a teacher told her she had to consider another career since every corner of the earth already had been discovered. After the initial shock of this message, she decided this wouldn't stop her. For her there was still a whole universe to discover.

Her career as a composer started off late entering the Rotterdam Conservatory at 35, meanwhile working as a music educator and singer. Her curiosity and appetite to explore unknown areas made her dive into a variety of musical styles, -cultures and -histories. From this new works connecting unexpected combinations of western- and non-western instruments, alternative tuning systems, historical instruments, sound sculptures and -installations were created 


For every new work she sets off on a journey exploring new worlds. With all the things she finds on her path she creates music that invites the listener to join her on this voyage, unfolding wordless stories on humankind in all it's diversity.

2018 took off with a 60 minute music-theatre work called Koerikoeloem in which she combined poetry by Tjitske Jansen, environmental soundsculptures made by  Jan Heinke and Steffen Hartmann together with her fascination for Mozarabic neumes from Medieval Spain. A fascination that earlier resulted in an honorary mentioning in the international OHO - competition.

In 2011 and 2012 she won prizes at the Geelvinck Square Piano Competition Concours.


Her work has been performed throughout the EU by outstanding ensembles such as the Asko ensemble, Doelen ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Orkest De Ereprijs, Scordatura ensemble and the Kokoro ensemble. She collaborated with soloists like Susanne Kessel, Makiko Goto, Kaoru Iwamura, Naomi Sato, Katerina Konstantourou, Maja Mirocha and Sarah Jeffery.


Miranda Driessen is a member of the Dutch composers association Nieuw Geneco. In recent years her work has been supported by the Dutch Foundation for the Performing Arts.

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