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Gejaagd (door de wind) III

Flute and fixed media

Living in the polder, the wind is an almost inescapable phenomenon: elusive and ubiquitous, as something from outside of this world. And even though we can explain its presence using air pressure differences and other meteorological techniques, it still remains fascinating when you try to imagine where exactly all that air comes from. Somewhere far away, the same air once flowed here and soon after, elsewhere... In this disenchanted world I often long for such elusive phenomena.

In early 2013 I built an aeolian harp from PVC. Touched by the wind, such inspiring sounds emerged that I have been completely captivated by them ever since. This led to 3 related works: one electronic, one for flute and tape, and one for piano and tape. The drone-like sounds of the tape form a harmonic space in which the flute moves. This then formed the basis for a baroque-like prelude for the piano. And who knows where that will lead. Gone with the wind, my spirit still continues to blow….


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