Tijdglas - installatie (2009)

Duration: ad infinitum

Installation of 5 loudspeakers playing a continuum of different tapeloops

Played during the International Glashart exhibition for glass sculptors at Fort Vuren in the summer of 2009.

This piece was constructed out of 'leftover' sounds I gathered and designed for Tijdglas for baroque flute. It was made of 5 tapeloops all of different durations that were played from 5 different speakers placed along the wall of a round tower. The listener could experience different combinations of sounds, being surrounded by it. The sounds were designed from recordings of the glass sculptures of Joost Bicker Caarten which were digitally edited and sometimes mixed with quotations from early baroque flute pieces. 

The installation was played 24 hours a day during the period of the exhibition in the heart of a fortress that was part of the Hollandse Waterlinie.